HSE Hot Oil Coat Conditioner



Hot Oil Coat Conditioner

Available in 125ml, 500ml and 1ltr

Conditioning & Shine ‘par excellence’

HSE Hot Oil Coat Conditioner is a water dispersible blend of premium natural oils specifically formulated for equine hair and skin that delivers amazing and immediate results.  This oil is a concentrate and designed to be mixed with warm or cool water and used as a rinse, wash or grooming spray.  It allows complete flexibility for the horse owner to tailor a conditioning treatment to every type of coat in any condition, in any season.

First impressions really do count!  Often the first thing we notice about a horse is a beautiful glowing coat. Hot Oil Coat Conditioner will have your horses coat looking and feeling incredible fast.

Improve the quality of hair
Increase depth of colour
Revive dull, dry & sunburnt hair
Restore & maintain the skins natural protective lipid barrier
Promotes waterproofing
Lifts dirt and dander from the skin & hair follicle
Non-dust attracting
Versatile & Economical
Super easy to use
Cuts grooming time in half
Silicone free

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Weight 1 kg

125ml, 500ml, 1ltr, 5ltr


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