HG Serum


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HG Serum – High Shine Equine


HSE HG Serum is a little bottle of magic.  A potent blend of 100% natural & organic ingredients make this rich serum a very effective moisturiser for the hair and skin.  HG Serum is designed for the mane and tail, just a few drops rubbed into the skin at the base of the hair provides long lasting moisture and gentle exfoliation around the hair follicle that encourages healthy, strong hair growth.  Particularly suited for horses with hair loss or damage from rubbing/itching, overheating and hard rugging.

HG is highly concentrated so there is no need for pouring on excessive amounts of lotions & oils (which can exacerbate itching/rubbing) making a sticky, greasy mess.

Moisturising for skin & hair
Gentle exfoliation of hair follicles
Long lasting effects
Strengthens damaged hair
Encourages fast, healthy hair growth
Highly concentrated

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